Seven Cities

A few friends I know all came together and planned a lil get together in the area called " The Seven Cities Summer Fest". Just some local artists getting together to showcase their art or craft. There was a skateboarding contest, a live art contest and a breakdancing contest, a dj with some awesome music, a few local tattoo artists and local vendors.

We grabbed some smoothies from Tropical Smoothie since it was still pretty hot and humid. We paid a small admission fee to go in- but I am all about supporting local artists. We checked out the dancing- we watched a few rounds and managed to get some on my "bloggie". The kids were pretty bored, I was kinda hoping there would have been more for the kids to do- but you cant win them all.

I did purchase this adorable hair clip from a local artist. I wanted to buy a couple of them babies- but just couldnt justify buying more than one. Hubby would kill me- although he did go to Busch Gardens all day with his friends. I got one one of these for $5, the bigger ones ranged from $10 to $12. These Hand-crafted Flower Hair clips can be found at Lucky Superstition

Matti picked out this one for me to get!

I ran into a couple I met before through Xotic Eyes, Brent and Michelle, they made our Xotic Eyes Wall of Tatas. They also have their own clothing company! Anyone looking for business cards, stickers, or banners- go to them! They do graphics here locally! They do some awesome work!

Check out their website here. And don't forget their Facebook!

I found an awesome local longboard skateboard company that I want to purchase a board from. These babies are sweet. I like to occasionally skateboard- longboard I prefer more because I like to coast.

The design of the board is slick and smart. Makes coasting and turning so much easier. I have my eye on this one. Here is Legendary Longboards website.

My good friends, Randy and Amber Templin were there running the entrance tent. Ive know Randy since high school, he is a successful tattoo artist who was at Studio Evolve and is now at Stained Studios. For his work tattoo work, you can friend him at Randy Templin Facebook

His wife Amber has a successful Baby Tutu Line called TooTu Fabulous! ADORABLE! She hand makes all of there and I believe she can do custom orders- but dont quote me! Go to her Facebook page and she has way more cute photos up than this one.

We had a good time hanging out. I always love to support us local artists! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me at this fun event! Don't forget to check out all these artists!

Pink Tutus and skateboards,