Too Personal

With the world wide web and the whole universe at your fingertips, and with blogs and youtube, I started to ask myself when does it become too personal? It's not like someone is forcing me to blog or film videos to post on youtube. The past decade, the world has taken interests into reality tv and shows. But now-a-days, even reality shows are scripted. There are only a few reality shows I really do watch and that includes Project Runway, House Hunters, and dance and singing shows. I do occasionally watch the outrageous shows too like Jerseyliscious. hahaha

I have gone back and forth about doing more personal vlogging on youtube. I just made a new channel on youtube named "Sweet Surrender Arts" to showcase makeup tutorials, avant garde looks, hairstyles, fashion, DIY and anything I find interesting or artistic.

Here is a quick vlog I recorded, I didnt make this completely public, so you can only view it through here

There are a few youtubers I watch avidly. 2 couple in particular, such as TheSacconeJolys and Its JudysLife. They both individually have their own things going on and their own channels. Let me introduce you to them if you don't know them already.

Anna and Jofus make up TheSacconeJolys. Anna has her own beauty blog and channel named the StyleDiet. They are from Ireland and vlog daily on youtube. They record their daily lives with 4 puppies and 2 dogs, driving around, and getting ready for their new addition due in September. They are so adorable and funny.

Then there's Judy and Benji who make up ItsJudysLife. She is a beauty guru on youtube as well. Benji has alot going on from his BBoy Crew 360 to real estate. They are just so funny and cute. Watching them has slowly getting me on organic food. They too are also expecting a baby girl!

What I love about these couples is that its real. Its not scripted like so-called-reality shows. They arent always recording in a studio and their makeup isnt always done up. They have lazy days just like real people. You see them for who they are and watching them makes them all feel like good friends. I feel this way too about the bloggers I read about too.

I want to start recording my life as well with my husband and the kiddos and all the things I like to do. I think I am going to keep it on a private channel for right now-and post only to my blog readers. What do you think? Have you thought of doing something liek this? or do you already have a channel where you do this? I would love to check it out or hear your thoughts on it.

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