A few likes and wants

I'm operating in safe mode with my infected laptop. The situation on that is I think it's a virus, or my hardrive...I'm trying to back up my files in case I lose everything. Just waiting to buy a big enough thumb drive so I keep all my pics and videos and important stuff. Then going to restore back to factory settings, if that dont work then we will just see. but anyways...enough geek techy talk.

I just wanted to do a quick post and show you a few things that have been inspiring me and these images have been lurking on my desktop. Most of this is tattoo and tattoo art related. Oh, I didnt get to share with you....I tattooed myself! If you follow me on Instagram, (sweetsurrenderart) you may have already seen this!

Just something cute I wanted to do to test out my machine. It's still healing, but I love it!

Here are some other things I love!

I just love this photo, its beautiful, the hair, the tattoos, the background. I def love traditional tattoos like her sleeve.

Cute wallet! I love Dia de Los Muertos inspired art! I usually dont carry this type of wallet, but I love the design!

Priscilla Ono's gorgeous makeup look!

Do I even have to explain why I love these?????

I love this black and white dress. My Aunt Beth is getting married this October and her colors are Black and White. Thinking about ordering this for the wedding. What do you think?

Have you guys seen this new eyeliner by NYX???? I want to try this! The coupon is old, but you can still check it out!

Magnetic PAW Pallete! I blogged about these Paw Pallete before, I have yet to buy one, but the past year they have been coming out with some really cute pallete and This is on my wishlist for sure!  

this room is cute! I usually dont do just plain white rooms, but what grabbed me is the contrast of the black and white. I love the stool in the middle. I want to get a few and paint them!

A fellow blogger of mine tagged this quote with me and I love it! Just positive affirmations that keep you going and motivated!

Now that I shared these, I can get them off my desktop! hahahaha Hope you liked it!

See ya soon, Cecilia Marie