I actually Won

I have officially won my very first blog giveaway! Last week, I opened my email inbox to discover I won this bracelet that Cupcakes & Couture! Amy, the owner of this fab blog hosted this giveaway by ADJEWELRY

I received it in the mail superfast! Its been hectic since my computer has a virus and has basically shut down my laptop...but thats a story I dont really want to get into right now. I had a chance to snap a few photos today while out and about with my husband. I wanted to share it and also say thanks you for both Cupcakes & Couture and Adjewelry for hosting this!

I usually don't wear gold or orange too often, but since I just recolored my hair this past weekend with yellow, orange and red, I thought it was perfect to go along with my bright flaming hair!

Jermie and I got a chance to catch a movie this evening and we havent had a couple shot in a while, so we shot this! I love it! (In case you were wondering, we went and saw Step Up Revolutionm which is such a great movie!)

Thanks for stopping by! I know I have been a lil MIA, but still working on restoring my laptop, I have a nasty virus on it. See ya soon!

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~Scott Adams

xoxo, Cecilia Marie