Computer Crashed

I'm sad to say that my computer has crashed. :( I dont know the severity of the crash and if everything is lost or not. But knowing my luck, its gone. I'm at the library using the computer because its too hard to use my phone to try and blog. My fingers are small but not that small. hahaha

My laptop wont turn on. Its been acting funny for a while. I'm not sure if it is because I downloaded that video editing software Trak Ax Pro or it was just my baby's time to go. Ive had it for about 3 years now- a simple Compaq laptop.  I will be taking it to the Geek Squad this afternoon probably to see the diagnosis. :( For now, until I figure out how I am going to blog, I won't be posting as often. :( I will try my best to get some posts done on the weekends and schedule them out.

I'm thinking about saving up for a cheap tablet just to get me by until I can get a desktop for my house. I just wanted to let my readers know whats going on!

I'll be back in no time! Thanks for stopping by!