Hair Inspiration

I am gettin that itch again. Its been a few weeks since my last color and now its fading and I have new of course Im ready to do something different. I cant believe its already the middle of August. Like, where has the time flown by? I cant wait for Fall. I love Fall, its my favorite season!

I have already done the tealish-turquoise color and the blue colors, but I want to incorporate both. I am in love with all these pictures I found on the internet and some on Pintrest.

I want to keep my "split dyed" color, so I am keeping one half black and the other will be an om'bred  effect.  I love the last color combination I had, but I am ready for summer to be over. Ready for cool colors. :)

What do you think? What colors are you loving this coming fall??? I would love to hear!

I'll leave you with this positive quote of the day! Xoxo, Cecilia Marie