Interview Today

Good Morning all! It is Monday Morning here in my neck of the woods and I just had some yummy waffles and fruit and of course my beloved coffee in my new sleek Marilyn Monroe mug my dad picked up for me. I am listening to the "XX" station on pandora and I am nice, calm, cool and collected. I am super sore from my attempt to do partially this Ninety Nine workout. Whew. I got to set 66 and had to stop.

My weeks have been so busy lately even though hours have been cut back since its slow before Halloween Season. My son, Matthias has started football and he is soooo cute in his lil practice uniform. (If you follow my Instagram, sorry you are seeing the same photos)

Between working out and running the kids around to practice, I have been working on my drawing. I am trying to draw at least one design a day even if its just lettering.

ols sketch I found while cleaning from when I attended the Art Institute

I have an interview today at Sportsclips and I am excited not only because I need to get another job, but I really like the laid back atmosphere of the place. I think it will be a good place to get my foot in the door and also help me with my men's haircuts.

I just wanted to do a quick post! It's very rare for me to ask for anything, but I am trying to get enough money to take my state boards ($155) if you are in a giving mood, and want to donate to help a blogger out I would appreciate it! There is a link to donate in the top right corner of my blog! You dont have to by any means so dont feel pressured! Once I reach the amount or get it somehow I will take it down, because I do not want to take advantage! well, thanks for stopping by!