I wouldn’t mind some snow

I have to admit, this Christmas I wasn’t feeling it. Like, at all. But as soon as I got to my mom’s house with kids in tow, I already felt better. Whenever I get a lil down, I have to stop and remember what I have to be thankful for. Last year, my mom wasn’t even here, she was in Korea so we didn’t have a big family gathering. So, I was pretty happy that everyone was coming over. We had appetizers, lumpia, prime rib, mashed potatoes and so much more I cant even remember.  Most of the family was over and those that were in other states, we skyped with.



We had a fire going, music playing and of course the kids running around. I miss times like these. Even though the holidays can be stressful, in the end it’s the memories were creating that mean the most. Its not about the money spent and what presents we received, its about our family and friends. Watching the kids open up presents and watching your family members play Greedy Santa, it’s just fun times.


I hope everyone has had an awesome holiday and was able to spend times with loved ones. I just wanted to do a quick post and say hello! I’ll be revamping my blog, I know its been changing lately, but just trying to make it the best it can be. I will be able to be on my blog more because I got a new laptop! I am so stoked because my old one basically just died. Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!