Christmas Morning

It's funny to sit back and think no matter what you get for Christmas or how old you are, staying up playing with your new toys is the best thing about the holidays. My brother and I got new laptops and we stayed up until 6am just exploring how to use the new Windows 8 software and downloading all sorts of apps and games. The hubby, bro and cuzzo all stayed up playing Black Ops 2.

We all pretty much get new pajamas every year- which the older I get, the more and more I look forward to new pjs! Especially from Victoria's Secret. Most comfortable ever!

Later, I'll be cooking Christmas Dinner with a big ol' Ham that my Dad got us. It will be a nice, calm day. The kiddos are with their Dad opening up all their presents. I love sitting back and watching all the kids in the family go crazy and beast all over their presents. hahaha

I did a lil baking, I wish I could've done more because I actually have discovered I like to bake. I made some of these muffins and added mini chocolate chips to it, and they turned out so good. I wanted to make them from scratch, but didn't have all the ingredients. :(

I am off to go get ready for the day and go home to start cooking some more. Thanks for stopping by! I wish you all a Merry Christmas from all of us here in Virginia Beach!