Halfway Through The Week

It is 330am and I just finished drawing up this sleeve design. Now that I have finished, I am quite tired. DO you wanna see it?

Here is my sketch! I took a before photo with my phone for Instagram (SweetSurrenderArt) , but forgot to with my bloggie camera.


I redid another drawing too of a Vegas Welcome Sign incorporating the Empire State Building.


Well, while I am at it, Ill show you all the sketches I have done this week.




I haven’t won any contests yet, but I am not giving up. But with each drawing I do, I feel I am getting better.

Well, the wind and rain is howling outside and my lights have been flickering for a while. My Aunt’s Power just went out. It’s nearing 4am…and I should go to bed. I just wanted to share my latest drawings with ya. I hope you have a good morning and the rest of your day!


See ya soon, xoxox Cecilia