February Already

Today’s my lil brother, Lucas’s 12th Birthday! So, I want to say Happy Birthday to him, even though he doesn’t read my blog. hahaha I cant believe how fast he has grown up. I was 17 years old when he was born! My bros and I are all spaced out 9 years apart! Crazy huh? Here is a pic from when he got a mohawk in December! ! So cute!
It’s already February. Ugh. We have had some snow a few days ago, I couldn’t remember if I told you that. Our weather is so funky here in Virginia. Snow one day, crazy windy hurricane rain, warm enough for some people to wear shorts and flip flops, I am really surprised I haven’t gotten sick yet, but then again, I have been holed up in my house. Although, I did have to leave the house for some interviews. Looking for a job sucks, but necessary if I wanna pay the bills and keep food on the table right? hahahaha
So, I won my first contest on createmytattoo.com this morning, which made my day! I mean, a lot of people pay me to draw them tattoo designs, but its usually people I know. Well, last year, I did have someone from Canada hire me to draw something too. But you know it’s always a nice compliment when someone chooses your design out of a bunch of other artists. Here is the drawing I won (in case your wondering)
This was a music inspired tattoo, the translation is “We Live in the shadow of Music” I believe that’s right.
I also did this nice sleeve design and this one is for a friend of mine whom I attended hair school with. I really love this sleeve design. Whenever I draw something up, I always try to draw up something I would get myself. If I don’t like it, I will redo it. Check it out!
I have been trying to keep busy since I am not working. Just focusing on my artwork. Been fiddling with many projects, from my freelance website, to drawing, blogging, pinning, youtube videos, interviews, laundry, blog design. I’m hoping all my hard work will pay off.
I have been on HULU watching all my shows: Project Runway, which just started again! Then, watching FACE OFF..which I am sooo in love with. I wish I had the supplies to get into that field! I think that’s right up my alley too. Sigh….one can only dream right now.
Well, I am off to draw some more. Just wanted to show ya some drawings  and share a random video I filmed a few days ago

See ya again soon!
xoxox Cecilia Marie
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