Tattoo and Hair Inspiration for the New Year!

It's midnight  it is officially 2013! I have been lounging on my couch the past few hours. I had to go to the ER earlier this evening, everything is ok, Im on some painkillers and antibiotics and just sitting back, surfing the internet while watching the new batman flick from redbox. Hubby is out partying it up with friends....hmmmm still don't know what to think about that...but not gonna get marriage involved in my blog..because this is a happy place. Moving on....

I am looking for inspiration for new hair and new ink. I usually do separate posts on each, but I want to combine it, for I feel tattoos and crazy hair and chicks...they all just go hand and hand, don't you think?

I am def leaning towards doing something like this...mainly because these are just my fav color combinations. I want to create an ombre effect with extensions!

 I stumbled across this blogger above and fell in love with her makeup and hair posts! If you love my blog, youll love hers, check it out here.  I love this look too!

I hope to get more tattoos this year....I didn't get any at all in 2012 ( I don't count the lil one I gave myself on my ring finger) so I plan on getting a lot more! What about you? Are you itchin to change your looks? Change your hair? Your image?

I hope this inspired you to make a change and do something exciting! Happy New Year!