New Years Resolution 2012

I have been up half the night working on my dream/goals board, which I I will post tomorrow. But then I got on my computer and wanted to create a set on Polyvore. (If you want to follow me there, click here) There was a contest too, so I entered it using this set I made. It looks a lil cray cray but I swear there's a method to my madness.

One thing I love about Polyvore is that it lists all the products and prices and location of items you post on there.

So, here is part of my resolutions and a lil bit of things I want that I want to get myself and not as gifts. ANd its not because I don't appreciate gifts when they are given, its just I can be very independent and want to be able to provide for myself and my family and to get the things I want for myself. Does that make sense?

This board kind of expresses my desire to take my artistic and creative side and do something with it. Since I was younger, I've always wanted my own clothing store and clothing line. But I was interested in so much more than that. I loved interior design as well. I mean, when I was a kid, I drew my whole house and every detail down to the hinges in the doors, to the shingles in the roof and the blades of grass in the front yard. I drew up blue prints of my room before rearranging it (which I still do) hahaha I cant wait to show you my dream boards. I am charging up my Sony Bloggie so I can take better pics of them in the day light. And yes, I had so much to put on my boards, I have Two.

Here's a pic from last year's New Years Eve celebrating the new 2012 year.

And here is the year before that, celebrating the new 2011 year! Hahaha Its funny to see old pics of yourself as the years go by.

This year, I have a few resolutions, although they're not really resolutions, because these are goals of mine I push myself towards least when I am not procrastinating.  hahahaha

So, here are my Goals:

1. STOP Procrastinating: I am normally pretty motivated, but its easy for me to want to lay on the couch or bed and watch Grey's Anatomy.  I can easily multitask, or have a movie or music playing in the background while I sketch, or sew or paint, but I have my lazy days. A lot of lazy days.

2.  Eat Healthy and Exercise:  I know this is on the top of everyone's list. I used to be so fit. I mean, I did 4 years in the army. Even 5 years ago I was working out religiously. But I am getting older and theres nothing wrong with me gaining a lil weight...but I am soooo out of shape. So, I have cut back on the fatty foods and have been building myself up slowly with working out.

 This is me right before I moved back to Virginia from Colorado in 2010 with some fresh ink!
This is when I moved back from Colorado and I miss this weight. This is when my clothes fit me! My goal is to lose 35 pounds.

3.  EAT>SLEEP> CREATE> REPEAT. This is my personal mantra I have started to repeat to myself. I need to push myself harder. I feel like I am not where I want to be and I am wasting my energy and talent.  This includes creating more, blogging more and doing more.
4.  Staying Positive: I struggle with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and depression. I am extremely emotional. SO emotional that I cry at hallmark commercials. I am not too bad as long as I stay on my prescriptions. I get my healthcare from the VA hospital and I often forget to renew my prescriptions, so I want to stay on top of my health as well. As long as I do that, I can stay positive.
5. Searching for Enlightenment:  I want to broaden my horizons. I want to expand how I think and feel. I am a true believer that what you say, you speak into existence. I also believe in Karma, reincarnation, destiny and fate. I am very spiritual and believe everything happens for a reason. And that we go through life searching for a meaning of why we are here, so I'm on a search and will do what I can to further my spiritual path.
I think that is it for me. I am sure my list will go up and down. So, Im curious to see what your resolutions are or your goals. Please comment! Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!