Time for a Spot of Tea



I have had a lot of attention from the post I wrote about Coffee & Book Shops and it inspired me to blog about the wonderful world of Tea. I love coffee, but I cant drink it all the time. I like to alternate between coffee and tea. I have to say the past couple of months I have been favoring tea, probably because I have been sick on and off and tea is the only thing I like to drink.  I have to watch my caffeine too because of my anxiety and depression and tea also helps take care of that too. I found out online that the passionflower once made into tea is a flower that can take help with those symptoms along with insomnia, which I seem to be having a lot lately. I haven't drank it yet, but I am going to find it next time I go to the store. But isn't this flower unique?


I think it would be cool if I had a little tea/coffee shop along with my bookstore/studio/everything else I love that I can cram into my shop. haha. Drinking tea is not so big out here in the US as it is overseas in Europe, although I cant say that because we did just get a Teavana store in one of our malls, but that is so expensive.


Personally, I like cute little tea shops with mix matched tea cups and cozy couches. I usually like to go to the Heritage Store, or Trader Joes and the new Whole Foods to get my tea because there’s a variety of flavors. I wish there were cute little tea shops I could go to. Maybe there is somewhere around here, but I know there isn’t any near me.  I found these cute shops that I wish I could visit.



My sister, Nique and I are planning on getting each other teapots and sending them to each other. She lives in Denver. So, I have been on the hunt for some cool teapots. I tried looking through antique shops and thrift stores, but I had to turn to the vast wide world of the internet to find some really awesome tea pots. Check em out.

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I know the cute above is not a teapot, but I just loved it because it has skulls and bats and bugs on it. And you could drink tea out of it. Does that count? I hope so.

Then, this search led me to cute tea diffuser. You know, its like a tea bag without the bag but you put the leaves in a diffuser and then it brews. Some people have come up with very creative ones. I got a good laugh out of a few, I hope you do too.


With tea, comes the tea desserts. Little cakes and cookies and cupcakes, little foods I should probably stay away from since I am trying to lose weight. But I can look at them from a distance, that wont make me gain weight, will it?


I have been on the search for cute containers to hold my tea in.  I think I may have to make my own. But I really am digging these few.


Doesn’t this make you want to have a tea party now? Let’s pretend we are! You can come over for a spot of tea anytime ol’ chap (inset bad english accent)

I hope you enjoyed your tea and cakes! See ya soon!


Love, Cecilia