Ginger Ale

I am feeling a bit better today than yesterday. I did have to reschedule a client, but she is also one of my good friends, so she understood, I didn’t want to risk getting her and her babies sick. Sad smile I still have congestion and still taking Dayquil and sipping on ginger ale.

I felt well enough to get back into my art studio and work on a few drawings. I finished up a custom tattoo drawing for a client in Florida. Check it out below! This was an honor to do for her because this tattoo represents her youngest child, her daughter that has downs syndrome. The blue and gold water running through the turtle represents the DS ribbon.

I started a new drawing and if felt good to draw again as I haven’t been able to in what feels like weeks.

I was able to get a photo from the photo shoot I did makeup for this past Friday with Roger Mitchells Motiontography and Shannon NinaMarie Payne


Tomorrow is a new day, and I have a meeting tomorrow and then I will get started on a prop for a hair show coming in April.  I am excited. I cant wait to start and I will show you some of the work, (not everything for the sake of the client) but I will show you the framework for anyone who wants to know how to make a stage prop. Smile Would anyone be interested in that? I know my blog is pretty random but I think it would be cool. Well, I am off to bed so I can get up early and finish editing my next youtube video.

You must believe in yourself more than you doubt yourself to achieve awesomeness within yourself.

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