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Super Mind Powers

Hey guys! I’m sitting here at my computer and I have so many ideas on things I want to work on, such as my new blog design, future tshirt designs, my new logo design, tattoo designs and blogging, my youtube channel. I feel like I need to slow my mind down that is going a million miles per second. I guess it can be a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because I am motivated to be productive, but a bad thing because it can easily overwhelm me.


I have had 2 cups of coffee in a row, because I am freezing and can’t seem to wake up. The weather went from 75 degrees yesterday to 45! Whattttt???


Things have slowed down a bit now that I have moved and settled in my new place. I feel like stress has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I have moved. It feels good to get my life back on track!

The kids and I (mainly me) decorated the tree this afternoon! They helped for the first 10 minutes and then…..Bella Boo was fixated on watching Teen Beach Movie while Matti cuddled up in blankets and watched cartoons, while I decorated. Either way, the tree turned out great! What do you think?


I have logged back onto and here is my latest win design! I didn’t win all the ones I entered, but that’s ok, all of these will go into my portfolio!

ANCHOR infinity yellow tilted

I am waiting to see if I won this design:

11-26-2013 12;17;01AM 2_3

script watercolor


Here is another design I worked on that is intended for a thing piece and the chains are meant to be like a charm bracelet to which charm tattoos can be added to signify an important memory. I am actually giving this design to my sis, Dominique!

photo 2

The pup is getting so big! He is almost 4 months and I have started taking him on two walks a day just because he has so much energy! I am glad there is lots of woods around where I live for the pup to run around.


I still need to get internet set up at the new place. I have been going to the library or my mom’s to bum the internet off of them and that just doesn’t work. hahaha It’s sad that some of us cant go very long without internet. Sad but true.

I am off to try and work on some projects. Have a great night!


Snowing in Spring

How is everyone’s week going? Tomorrow is Friday and I am so happy. It’s one day closer to my sister coming to visit me from Colorado!!! Dominique and I are not real blood sisters, but we pretty much adopted each other as sisters since neither of us have any sisters. I haven’t seen her in about 2 years. I am beyond geeked out excited.


I’ll be picking her up from the airport on Saturday! Saturday is going to be a jam-packed day for me. I have a facepaint gig in the early afternoon, picking up Nique and then were all going to Tia Rachelle’s Release Party to celebrate her new single “Walk Right Through It All” and for her starring in the play “If a man don’t work, a man don’t eat”


Next week, I will be doing stage makeup behind the scenes for this play, which I am so excited about. The last time I saw a play at Willett Hall was when my mother and I went and saw “It’s Cheaper to Keep Her” with Vivica A Fox and Brian Mcknight.

I ran a few errands today, mainly dealing with the hair show prop that I am finishing up. I actually received some good news today. I was supposed to do some body painting for the hair show next month, but my client is actually going to be going to the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in August and invited me to go along to do Special FX makeup and bodypaint! I am super excited!


As far as tattoo drawings, I have tons of work! At least 7 designs that need to be done! Here is one that I won tonight on


I also had time to edit a video tonight (hey I’m on a roll tonight!)

SO go check it out!

Here’s an update of things!


Well, it’s almost 200am, and lately that has been my stopping time for the night. I have a doctors appt tomorrow so I need to be bright eyed and bushytailed!

Goodnight and thank you for stoppin by!

xoxox, Cecilia

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Ginger Ale

I am feeling a bit better today than yesterday. I did have to reschedule a client, but she is also one of my good friends, so she understood, I didn’t want to risk getting her and her babies sick. Sad smile I still have congestion and still taking Dayquil and sipping on ginger ale.

I felt well enough to get back into my art studio and work on a few drawings. I finished up a custom tattoo drawing for a client in Florida. Check it out below! This was an honor to do for her because this tattoo represents her youngest child, her daughter that has downs syndrome. The blue and gold water running through the turtle represents the DS ribbon.

I started a new drawing and if felt good to draw again as I haven’t been able to in what feels like weeks.

I was able to get a photo from the photo shoot I did makeup for this past Friday with Roger Mitchells Motiontography and Shannon NinaMarie Payne


Tomorrow is a new day, and I have a meeting tomorrow and then I will get started on a prop for a hair show coming in April.  I am excited. I cant wait to start and I will show you some of the work, (not everything for the sake of the client) but I will show you the framework for anyone who wants to know how to make a stage prop. Smile Would anyone be interested in that? I know my blog is pretty random but I think it would be cool. Well, I am off to bed so I can get up early and finish editing my next youtube video.

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February Already

Today’s my lil brother, Lucas’s 12th Birthday! So, I want to say Happy Birthday to him, even though he doesn’t read my blog. hahaha I cant believe how fast he has grown up. I was 17 years old when he was born! My bros and I are all spaced out 9 years apart! Crazy huh? Here is a pic from when he got a mohawk in December! ! So cute!
It’s already February. Ugh. We have had some snow a few days ago, I couldn’t remember if I told you that. Our weather is so funky here in Virginia. Snow one day, crazy windy hurricane rain, warm enough for some people to wear shorts and flip flops, I am really surprised I haven’t gotten sick yet, but then again, I have been holed up in my house. Although, I did have to leave the house for some interviews. Looking for a job sucks, but necessary if I wanna pay the bills and keep food on the table right? hahahaha
So, I won my first contest on this morning, which made my day! I mean, a lot of people pay me to draw them tattoo designs, but its usually people I know. Well, last year, I did have someone from Canada hire me to draw something too. But you know it’s always a nice compliment when someone chooses your design out of a bunch of other artists. Here is the drawing I won (in case your wondering)
This was a music inspired tattoo, the translation is “We Live in the shadow of Music” I believe that’s right.
I also did this nice sleeve design and this one is for a friend of mine whom I attended hair school with. I really love this sleeve design. Whenever I draw something up, I always try to draw up something I would get myself. If I don’t like it, I will redo it. Check it out!
I have been trying to keep busy since I am not working. Just focusing on my artwork. Been fiddling with many projects, from my freelance website, to drawing, blogging, pinning, youtube videos, interviews, laundry, blog design. I’m hoping all my hard work will pay off.
I have been on HULU watching all my shows: Project Runway, which just started again! Then, watching FACE OFF..which I am sooo in love with. I wish I had the supplies to get into that field! I think that’s right up my alley too. Sigh….one can only dream right now.
Well, I am off to draw some more. Just wanted to show ya some drawings  and share a random video I filmed a few days ago

See ya again soon!
xoxox Cecilia Marie
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Create My Tattoo

I have been on Craiglists looking for a second job all day and typed in "tattoos" for fun and I actually found a pretty cool site for those that are into tattoos. If you have followed me for a while, you know that I want to one day apprentice to learn how to tattoo. But for now, I am working on my drawing and illustrating skills by drawing tattoo designs. I draw them for friends, family and clients that contact me.

This website Create My Tattoo is for people who are looking for custom tattoo drawings and for tattoo designers. A client can hold a contest listing what they are looking for and give a deadline and a prize value. Artists enter their interpretation of a design and the winning design gets the prize. Oh yea, and It's free to register! Just click on the register link in the top right hand corner of the page and its fast and simple!

I am making it a goal of mine to do at least one tattoo drawing a day to improve my skills and with that enter a contest everyday. That would be pretty to cool to win a few contests, but I just want to improve myself. :)

But I also have great news! I have a job interview on Monday for SportsClips and I am pretty excited. So wish me luck! I'm off to go finish a contest entry. I'll post it when I am done or a link to my profile on Create My Tattoo! Good luck for those who check it out and decide to enter their artwork.

Thanks for stopping by! See ya again soon!