Setting up Shop

Most of my Monday today was spent trying to connect my ebay and paypal accounts and also setting up a shipping company that will work with both these companies. Its sounds easy, but for me it was a lil confusing. With the kids out of school, they were running around speaking “minion” language from “Despicable Me”, so I was a lil distracted and maybe because my coffee didn’t kick in right away.


I had decided to sell my portable sink that I had got last year, mainly because I really don’t use it that much and also because I am not really doing too much hair these days. So, I posted it on Ebay and waited to see what happened. After trying to set up UPS and going in circles, I finally switched to USPS, as a suggestion by a fellow business owner/blogger and it was so much easier. If I had first connected all my accounts, everything would have been a lot smoother, but it took ages for me to figure it out. Once I got it, it was smooth sailing. I was able to get everything set up and printed my shipping label, and all I have to do is drop it off at the post office in the morning.

I have tons to do tomorrow to include a meeting with some of the Kreative Thinking crew to sketch some new ideas, post office, a few phone calls, and then a face painting work shop to help show some new girls some easy designs that are popular with the tourists! Here are some awesome ones I found online that I think you all would enjoy! Some range to kiddy/tourist to fashion shoots and couture! Enjoy!








Some of these concepts are amazing! I plan on making a video of some simple face painting techniques that I do whenever I am working with a fun crowd! SO be on the look out and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up! (Hidden sidebar on the right in gray)

See ya in the next post! xoxox Cecilia