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I have exciting news to share with you! This past friday, I met up with the owner and CEO of Kreative Thinking, Antwane McClain to discuss me becoming apart of his team. He’s been looking for the last puzzle piece as he liked to call it to his creative team. So, who is Kreative Thinking?  Kreative Thinking is a very unique brand and company. Not only do they offer custom designs for you, but they have their own line in womens and mens that is just, well, no other way to put this…different, unique and something you don’t see all the time.





These were taken from a fashion show held in New York to showcase some of their creations. What I love most about it is that it fuses many different styles to make a new genre of fashion. And we all know we hate to rock something that everyone is already rockin’. We want to be unique, creative and express our individuality.

There is a big team of us all, whom I have only met through the internet so far, but I am anxious and excited for what the future holds. I’ve been brought onto the team to help out with any and all aspects of creating since I am involved in many different crafts such as sewing, fashion design, tattoo/logo design, makeup and hairstyling and fashion show coordination, I’m basically gonna be whatever they need me to be. Smile I couldn’t be any more excited! Many of you know my passion for fashion and my own dreams to have my own clothing line, this is just one more step towards my goals and what better to learn than to have experience with an amazing connected team of artists!

So, stay tuned for what the future holds! I cant wait to share more with you!

You can check out their website here at Kreative Thinking

Don’t forget their Kreative Thinking Facebook Page

Instagram: Kapparel



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