It’s already the middle of the week! I have been keeping busy with so many drawings that people are requesting and I am loving it. It’s great that I can work in the comfort of my home, not many people can say that. I think ever since I embraced more of my creative side, things have just been falling into place as far as business. The universe speaks to me!!! (ok, nerd moment)
Oh yea, here is the final on that tattoo I started the other day, and I won the design contest for this!
This was an honor to draw and I did get emotional drawing the boots, kevlar helmet and Rifle. I remember being in Iraq and attending many funerals for fallen soldiers and contractors in my unit. They made the ultimate sacrifice and they are not forgotten.
I also whipped up this cute lil design:
I was going through my pics and I forgot to post a few behind the scenes shots which are my fav to post!
These were taken with Roger Mitchell and Lance, and model Jessica to do some wedding photos, I think I showed you the picture in my last blog post. It was so beautiful that day, it was like the first spring day. I took a few selfies in the oriental garden in Norfolk.
Jinaki and I have been doing major business plans, I am helping her to get her freelance business off the ground. So, we have been hanging out, which is nice that we have become such good friends after all this time. Over the weekend, they came over with the kiddos and we all just had a nice time hanging out as a big family. I only really have a handful of close friends, and a lot of friends that live in different states too. It’s nice to have girl time.
Here is a quick few snapshots I took, while we were out doing some recon work for a fashion shoot. ( I gained 5 more pounds since I stopped doing Insanity..ughhh…”aint nobody got time for that” hahaha Ill get back into it soon enough)
Here is a sneak peak of what I have been working on yesterday and today:
I finally got my hair done again by Jinaki- got a splash of color and a trim. I am growing my hair out since someone cut it when they werent supposed to. UGH. Well, it’s rounding 230ish so I should get to bed soon. I have an eye appointment and were shooting the beginning interviews for Kreative Thinking Apparel Crew!
I’ll keep you posted! Stay creative my friends! Xoxo, Cecilia