Thirsty Thursday

I think I am dehydrated! I’ve been slamming water like I just ran a marathon or something. hahaha I just got done finishing up the final linework for the latest tattoo drawing I won on Take a look at this, ( It’s a bit sad)

This design hit close to home too because I know what it’s like to lose a child/children since Jermie and I had our ectopic pregnancy last year, so my heart and prayers go out to the man I designed this for.

I really wasn’t at home today, since I had to go to the VA hospital and get the lil machine that sends electrodes through my body…well, it’s for my thigh since I have a leg nerve syndrome there, it hurts for me to stand for long periods of time. It was weird testing it out today on my arm, to see it pulse uncontrollably is something that creeps me out. weird.

I stopped by Paul Mitchell, Rudy & Kelly Academy to say hello to my instructors and get my daily dose of hugs. (I LOVE HUGS! ) I miss it there so much. I know they need learning leaders, maybe one day. I love the PM culture there.

I had a photoshoot today for a lovely young woman who is graduating from college in May this year. Here is a quick photo, isnt she just adorable? She has aspirations to do films and movies, which is amazing. I love meeting other determined individuals and hearing their goals and see how passionate they are to pursue them. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to!


I should get to bed, I have a busy day tomorrow as well, which seems to be everyday, but I am not complaining! Tune in for more adventures tomorrow!

xoxoxo, Cecilia