Poetry in Motion

It was as if the Gods heard my plea for nice, warmer weather because yesterday and today has been so nice! I also got a replacement washer machine this morning since ours broke about 2 weeks ago. I am gonna be doing laundry for days! Today is so nice and I was going to work out, but I decided lets go to Mount Trashmore, where the kids can go play and I can walk around the lake. I actually lose more weight walking and eating right than any other method.

I just wanted to share with you a quick video of a young lady I worked with a few weeks back. You may have remembered when I posted behind the scenes photo from this shoot. I did the makeup for her. It’s not your typical makeup because I had to actually make her look bruised and beaten. She is a poet and this video shows her expressing herself.

The beauty about what I do is I get to meet with so many talented people! I just love it! Last night, I met up with a gentleman I did a tattoo design for and I don’t think I ever posted a picture of it. But here it is:


He was quite happy with it and it has opened doors for me to design tshirts for him! I am super excited for this too!

I also had a meeting with Central 111 to do some body painting for an event they are having later this month! I will post a flyer when they release it.

Well, this is a short post, because I am out the door to go get my walk on! Eventually I will work myself up to jogging hopefully!

Have a great Sunday! See ya again soon!