Spring and Summer can you get here faster please

Our washer machine broke sometime last week and were not getting a replacement until Sunday. Which stinks! So, I took a load of laundry over to my mom’s, plus I needed a break from my art studio. I have been painting day in and out and I just needed to get out of my house even for a lil bit!

The weather was nice today and got me thinking about Spring and the fast approaching summer season coming up. We rent a townhouse and we actually have a decent sized backyard and a kind-of patio in the front- more like a concrete slab in front of our door. I have been on Pinterest scouring ideas for our yard. I want to make our backyard nice so that we can have cookouts and BBQ’s. Here are some cute ideas I wanted to share- maybe it will inspire you too!


I love oversized lanterns like these to put big candles in!


Isn’t this a cute idea?! Big lawn cushions and a movie with popcorn!


I love firepits! Especially once the sun goes down and it gets a lil chilly, I love sitting by the fire to warm up. Something about watching the flames is mesmerizing.


I’m not really big on gardening, but I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I love bright and colorful flowers!


I love the way big planters look! These would be awesome at night!


If only I lived right on the beach! This is perfect for listening to the waves crash and stargazing!


This is in Spain, which is one of my dream destination vacations! Can you imagine drinking a glass of wine and snacking on cheese, grapes and crackers? I can! If only I could teleport!


How romantic would this be?

I love wearing basics during the summer, meaning I keep it pretty casual. I cant wait until I can wear shorts and sandals!





I cannot wait! Can you? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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