Wednesday Workday

I have been holed up in my art room for what seems like forever working on this stage prop, but I tend to overdramatize the time because it either goes too slow or too fast. I wish I had a garage full of power tools, because as of lately, I have been needing things like power drills, saws and staple guns. I finally was able to get some help with putting together my giant canvas stage props. I have been painting the main background, and I cleaned out my airbrush this morning and used that to add the shading and detail. I cant wait to show you guys! ( I want to wait until after the show)

When I take breaks, I have been surfing Pinterest and youtube. I made dinner tonight and picked this recipe to try out:

Chicken Tortilla Soup!


It was sooooooo good too. We paired rice with this and chips and salsa and we were all blissfully full. I have been trying to cook  more home cooked meals instead of turning to fast food or going out or worse- skipping meals altogether ( sometimes I forget to eat because I am zoned out in my art)

I haven’t been doing any tattoo drawings just because I want to get this prop done. I have had to take many break since the kiddos are on spring break too and more cleaning!

Since I have been doing a lot of makeup, I have been ordering more supplies online. I finally received the disposable mascara wands I ordered weeks ago.


I ordered this concealer palette as well, which I was able to use on the play last week and it came in handy!


I ordered this palette below and I cant wait to use it. It looks just like the Urban Decay Naked Palette- but way cheaper!


Did I ever tell you that my Ben Nye Matte Foundation Palette worked so amazingly on all 3 nights of the play last week! Stage makeup is so very different from regular beauty makeup. I am glad that I had it because I worked on so many different people with different skin tones and I wasn’t scattering around trying to match up tones and shades. The coverage was great onstage too. I definitely recommend ANY and ALL makeup artists to get this palette. It’s a great tool to have! I already have to order a few replacements!


Speaking of the play, here are a few backstage photos!


I’m on the side of the stage working props and assisting the actors/actresses with their Mics!


I managed to get a quick snapshot with Sampson Logan, whom I have also seen in the hit play “It’s Cheaper to Keep Her”

In other things, Kreative Thinking met up earlier this week to go over the clothing that we are making for the fashion show coming up in June! I am super excited to start working on some outfits after I am done painting these props!

My interview for Kreative Thinking was edited earlier this week and here it is! Check out what I do for Kreative Thinking!


Let me know what you think (and excuse the lighting, it was filmed in my art studio!)

Thanks for stopping by! See you in the next post!