Girly Girl Weekend

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to settle down in a new salon opening up next month, called Layla’s Glam Squad. I’m super excited because the owners are super sweet and I feel that its going to be a great venture for everyone! I swung by on friday to paint a giant Chanel Symbol on the wall to add to the girly d├ęcor!
I used my ol’ school projector we found at a thrift shop to project the symbol onto the wall, traced the outline then after adding about 3 coats of paint, I was done!
The salon is still coming together! I love how it is coming along!IMG_0365
After this, I took a vacay away from my computer this weekend, and spent some much needed girl time with my Aunt Beth in between working some freelance gigs.  It feels good to have some time out away from home and relax.
We went to the Fresh Market where we picked up fresh asparagus. (You can see my Aunt in the middle hahaha) then, We went to lunch at Red Robin with my Aunt Dale and Grandma, then caught a movie. We saw “The Heat” that was hilarious, and then had dinner….yummy Salmon, asparagus and rice. We had a pretty nice day considering its been muggy and humid and rainy! I managed to take a few panoramic shots of when my hubby was working. The sky just looks amazing!!! WE had the sun setting on one side and a thunderstorm coming towards us.
And this will sound totally geeky, but while I was at Wholefoods, I glanced over and saw these cookies! I have only known these cookies to be in Colorado so I was so happy that I found them. When I attended the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver, there was a small supply student shop that would have art supplies, t-shirts, school supplies and snacks. I would always get these cookies and a coffee. They are vegan too and so delicious! You have to try them, especially with some Bluebell icecream!
That pretty much sums up my weekend, I hope you guys had a good one too! Tomorrow is Monday and there’s tons to get done! So get some rest and see you then!