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Makeup Class was a Success

Good evening my loves! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week, as for me, Monday’s are my days off from the salon, but that doesn’t mean I actually get a day off. Since I am involved in so many different things, my schedule stays pretty busy.


Last friday, we celebrated Lah and Michael’s wedding ceremony and it was just so beautiful. Jermie and I got all dressed up in matching outfits (cheesy I know) which is rare and we loved it.


Jermie and I taking selfies while we waited


Layla Glam Squad: Nita, Chavonne and myself!


Pretty in Purple! I love this dress! ( I got it at Burlington Coat Factory for $15!!!)


Wedding Gifts on our table!


The beautiful bride, Lah with Hair done by Eyesha and Makeup by Gi Gi- our other members of the Layla Glam Squad!


Of course, Jermie and the Groom Michael getting it on the dance floor! We had a great time and it was so much fun to celebrate the love of two people vowing to share their lives.

Layla Glam Squad held our first monthly makeup class this past Sunday and I’m proud to say it was a success! We had several young ladies come out to learn tips and tricks of a makeup artist, ask questions and mingle with other professionals in the beauty industry.



This first class was our Intro to Glam, the next class will be held at the end of September and it will be “Eyebrows, Eyeshadow and Eyelashes”. I cant wait for that class! It was so much and I love meeting new people and artists in the industry because we are all so diverse with our skills all coming together for the love of makeup.

After our makeup class, my friend Chloe asked me to help glam her up for an 80’s work party and so here is a few photos of that as well!


Don’t they look so adorable???

It is almost the end of the tourist season here in Virginia Beach and so my hubby is pretty much done with stilt walking at the oceanfront. Here I am painting his face one last time for Beach Street.


In case you wanted to see my makeup of the day, here is a close up. I did a purple and black smokey eye with a lil eye design for fun with a plum lip!


This is the last week of August and soon it will be September which my birthday is in a week and then the kids return to school. I am excited for cooler weather and less mosquitos and more hot coffee and sweaters and boots. For now, It is time for me to go get some beauty sleep!

I leave this post with my Monday Motivational Quote!


Sweet Surrender Ink

Hello my mah-ve-lous dah-lings! Its Monday night and I am finally able to have a moment to myself to blog!!! I wish I had enough energy to blog everyday like I used to, but when I get home- it’s the last thing on my mind! And its crazy to think I havent blogged all week because I have been on the computer most of the time. So, what have I been doing? I have been promoting my butt off! More like my fingers with all the typing I have been doing!


I have been online-promoting the salon and trying to get people in the salon and so far-its been great! We have been having many specials and promos and been all over social media websites. I am sure a lot of people are sick of me posting, but its time to WERK!

All the promoting and hustle is paying off, I am happy to announce that the fabulous owners of Layla Glam Squad has promoted me to manager! I am so excited to be working some a group of talented stylists as well!

At Layla Glam Squad, we now have the Facebook page up and running- as well as Instagram so if you are in the local area, def check us out and stop  by and say hi!

Yesterday, I was able to check out the First Annual Tattoo Festival in Virginia Beach! It wasn’t as big as the one in Hampton that I attended in 2012, but it was still fun. I love everything about the tattooed culture- the energy is amazing and I get so inspired by the different styles of all these talented artists.


I picked up a few new inks from Eternal Ink- which I used earlier today! I love the pink and the purple!


I love picking up all the stickers and business cards from expos- especially tattoo artists. We are such a creative rare breed and I love to see how artists express themselves through their art.

I ended my night tonight by doing this tattoo on my friend Cori, I didn’t tattoo the big star in the middle, I tattooed the smaller ones and the cheetah print and I was excited to have a lil fun with color, seeing as all the other tattoos I have done, have been all black, some red and some graywash.


I created a new Instagram ( I know that makes 3 separate accounts) named: Sweetsurrenderink and it will feature nothing but my tattoo designs and tattoos that I am doing. So, make sure to follow!

I am exhausted and its time for me to go nighty night. So thanks for stopping by as always and see you again in the next post!


Salon Attire with a Rebel Twist

Last week, I browsed a few stores and picked up on some clothes for the salon and being a fashion major at heart, I browsed online too for some trends that can be fashionable even though you are limited to certain colors for the salon. The beauty about working in the beauty industry is that we have the freedom to express ourselves in a creative way. Here are some trends I love and this can go for anyone-not just for hairstylists and makeup artists. Some of these I even count on being fashionable for the fall season so gear up!



















Here is a lil video I posted to youtube of me just picking up a few things and rambling on about some fun and exciting events coming up!

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Also, in honor of Layla Glam Squad’s Grand Opening Week, we are offering 50% off all services until Sunday, July 28th 2013! Check out the flyer I designed below for more information!

promo flyer


We are going to be offering Make Up Classes for anyone who is interested in learning more about what makeup is right for them and applying techniques. This will be a monthly event to be announced at least a month in advance where we will offer refreshments and you will have the chance to get all your questions asked face to face!

flyer makeup

I have created a  Styleseat account, so if you are interested in booking me for your next event, please do not hesitate to contact me! Click the link below the picture!


Cecilia Marie Online Style Seat Booking

See you soon my little rebels!


Layla Glam Squad Grand Opening

Last night was the Grand Opening Party for Layla Glam Squad! We all got ready, got our models ready with some crazy avant garde hair and makeup and some body paint of course! We had a lot of amazing people help participate in our event with a caterer and a few local vendors specializing in hair, jewelry, accessories and candied apples! We got all dolled up and was ready to mix and mingle and introduce ourselves as the new salon in town!


Here I am with the lovely ladies, Nita and Ariel, a hair stylist and assistant who specializes in braids.


Here I am with one of the owners, Tasha!


Owners, Tasha and Shareese posing with Shanita in the middle in front of the Chanel Symbol!


To my left, is Keren who is also a makeup artist with Layla Glam and we are with our fabulous models who let us have free reign over their look for tonight with makeup, hair and body paint.



I scooped up a pair of really BIG safety Pin earrings from this jewelry vendor, “Hot Trendz Earrings”

You can find them at : Facebook  (click the link to “Like”)


We had some delicious  candied apples provided by: SO Unique Events & Candy Apple

You can find them at : Facebook (click link to “like”)


Shareese is posing with the caterer who served up some good wholesome food! I didn’t get a chance to get her information, but if you are interested you can always leave a comment and I can track her down!


These custom snapbacks and accessories were made by Mirna Calero representing Jacqueline De Nadie.

You can find her custom 757 snapbacks and cute bowtie necklaces on Facebook.




I painted some fun and girly designs on myself and our models for the night and we all had a great time. I even took our first client before we opened up! So things are off to a great start! I am excited for the future and what is to come!

I am turning in for the night, but I wanted to share some of the images from last night!

Have a great night and see you soon in the next post or in the salon!

Xoxox, Cecilia Marie