Geeky Art and School Supplies

I know, I am a super geek. I just cant help it. I am a nerd for school supplies. It is a secret of mine. Well, not so secret anymore. I loved going to college or any school just so I had an excuse to buy new clothes and new school supplies. haha I stopped into Office Depot yesterday to buy some postal supplies to ship off a tattoo drawing, and I was pleasantly surprised that the school supplies were already out! Which got me thinking about all the cool and funky school and office supplies that are out there in the vast world.

Check these out!












Then, I got to thinking. My most favorite time I went to a college, was when I attended the Art Institute in Colorado. I was so geeked out on all the art supplies I had received. The same goes for Westwood College and TCC. I had changed my major a few times and each major required different supplies. I have switched around from fashion design, merchandising, interior design back to fashion then graphic design. All the awesome colored pencils, markers, drafting supplies, cameras and editing programs.


Most of these supplies I have piles of, that I need to really organize. If I took a photo of my art space, you would do a hard eye rolling and get an instant migraine. Hubby is planning on putting some shelves up and I couldn’t be anymore excited.

Here are some other cluttered, messy art spaces that make me feel less guilty about mine:


So here is to the geeky, artsy-fartsy, nerdy creative people I call friends! Until we meet again, stay creative and crazy!

Goodnight! xoxox, Cecilia