Sugar Skull Studio

I wanted to do a post on something I stumbled across on Instagram. I don’t remember how I found them, but you know how it is.

Let me introduce Sugar Skull Studio, a Vancouver based hair salon and Massage studio that is a mix of old school and eclectic style and I am totally inspired by! I love the mix of a studio/hair salon. This place also has a tattoo shop feel with bold artwork on the walls and an urban atmosphere. Make sure you follow them on Instagram under Sugar_Skull_Studio

I hope to open my own studio where I can offer many services with hair, makeup, nails but so much more, I want to create a fun, cool atmosphere. I also want to tattoo there once I become licensed. I could go on and on about my plans for my studio, but I wanted to share some inspiration with you guys on some cool places. Check them out!














I hope this inspired you as much as it has for me. Right now, I am juggling a bunch of things right now, from cleaning the house, laundry, blogging and designing a few logos/flyers for the salon and I finally have the energy to do all this because I made a much needed stop at Starbucks for my fav, Cinnamon Dulce frap with an extra shot of expresso to get me going this morning.

I hope yall have an awesome day! See ya in the next post!