late nights

It is 230am and I am still awake!!! Lately, I have been staying up all night due to painting and my mind going just all over the place. I am not even sure my brain is functional this late to even blog, but when I have the urge to start typing…I have to just do it. I just got done with a painting session to finish up a skee ball project. I had to finish up the details. I have been delayed a bit here and there, but I am getting things done as best as possible. I took a small break in between painting to snap this. Do you like my painting apron???


I had a facepaint gig for a halloween project for Motiontography Studios, whom I have worked with before. I really enjoy doing facepaint and bodypainting for photoshoots, shows and videos. I have kind of stepped back from doing beauty makeup and been more into the abstract and crazy makeup. I say this all the time, but I would love to get into special fx makeup…one day. Here I am with my lovely model below who I got to paint a very childlike-abstract look, which I cant wait to show the video to you guys when its complete! Its gonna freak you out!


This week has been long, and I know its only Monday, so I guess I should say last week has been long. I have been on the apartment/house hunt for the past few weeks, because my lease will be up next month and I am panicking a bit on where I am gonna go. I know everything is going to be ok, I will find something soon.

I just got a new printer, actually from craigslist, for only $25! I needed to get an inkjet printer so that I am able to get started on my tshirts… and I lucked out on finding one. I ordered more ink and transparencies sheets and then I can start which I am excited to do once Halloween is over.

My brain is not working and I feel myself getting drowsy. I just wanted to show you the top part of the skeeball, that I actually had to repaint because the client wanted more of the skeleton showing and just part of the trunk, but it turned out even better than I had hoped. So, check it out! and I am off to bed so I can finish up more stuff in the morning.


Goodnight, my loves! see you in the next post!