Painting Sessions

Wednesday is here and pretty much gone seeing as it is already 7pm as I am sitting down to blog. I spent most of my day today with my brother Jeff and his girlfriend, looking for a new place to call home. Looking for a new place can be exhausting, but it will be nice when we find something and get settled. I cannot wait until I am able to purchase a house. A house to call my own. One day, I will.


I received an awesome package from my sis, Nique from Denver. We take turns sending little care packages whenever one of us are thinking of the other or when were going through a hard time. She is so thoughtful, I got this cute scarf above in the photo, along with relaxing bath salts, a white candle, 2 mini paintings, a journal, and a photo box. Of course, I had “You’ve Got Mail” playing in the background. hahaha (Don’t judge me)


I crammed in a painting session last night, I think I stayed up until 2am. The awesome thing about these projects I have been painting, is that I have to paint with my black light. Its really fun. I almost feel like I am in a bowling alley during midnight bowling. I felt like such the geeky artist last night painting, (not that I mind) I was reminded of She’s All That and Not Another Teen Movie…of Janie Briggs in the paint covered overalls/apron just imagine me….painting hahahaha That is soooo me right now! All I need is a hot guy to sweep me off my feet. hahaha



My workspace last night. I have brought my art space out to the living room and out of my cave, so that I can watch movies on my big tv.


This is what I have so far! Keep in mind, that this is just the first layer and details are yet to come! The first picture is with the lights on, and the second, with the black light. I am loving how it is coming together!



I finally arranged to pick up my screenprinting equipment today and I am picking up an inkjet printer tomorrow, and I cant wait!!!

As for our newest puppy, Jacob, he is just sooooo cute and has such a big personality. I just cant get enough of him!


He likes to nibble on my hair and ears. I cant wait to see how big he is gonna get, but for now, I am enjoying able to pick him up and hold him with one arm. hahahaha

I have more to get done, and I only stopped to take a break, which usually means stopping to work on something else. hahaha

I will leave with these thoughts tonight! Good night and see you in the next post!