Paintings, Puppy and Tattoos



It is mid-October just about and I have been keeping myself busy with art projects and focusing on my business. I have been in love with the weather because it has been cool and I can finally get my fall and winter clothes out of storage! It has been raining here pretty much the whole week, which I have been loving-even though sometimes it makes me not want to do anything but lay in bed and watch movies. I couldn’t do any of that this week, as I finished up a commissioned project to recreate a clown for a festival coming up. This was a fun project. I have never used UV paint (only for facepainting) so I had a little difficulty with glow in the dark paint and fluorescent paint, until a fellow artist mentioned for me to go to Stage Right Lighting here in Virginia Beach and of course, I found what I was looking for.



When I tell you what a difference this other paint made, you will be so impressed! This paint, Wildfire is amazing! It is more expensive but honestly so worth it because it has such great coverage and it is soooo bright. I picked up white, purple, magenta, and blue, each priced at $12.95 each for 6 oz. The best thing about the white is that I was able to mix the fluorescent paint I purchased from Michaels and make it just as bright. Check out the difference below!



Here is the final after I added all the finishing touches. And I think it came out great!



Just to clarify, this is NOT my original design, this was inspired by the following design found online from a miniature golf course.

creepy clown golf


I am now working on a new project inspired by pirates. I am excited to finish it up.

I have done a few other little things here and there to keep myself busy in between projects.



I am still working on my skills everyday in any realm of art I can get my hands into. I recently invested in some screen-printing equipment so I can finally launch a few tshirt designs that I have been wanting to do for a long time now. I have always been interested in screenprinting, and not to reproduce for other people, but mainly for myself. I just enjoy creating things. I was able to get an awesome deal from someone on Craigslist whom I actually knew as a local artist in the hampton roads area. He even threw in a sweet painting for me as well! He hand crafted this screen printing station, like, how amazing is that???





In other news, I finally got my head tattooed!!! I cant believe I actually did it, but this is something I have wanted for quite a long time, which if you have read my previous posts about it, you will know that this piece holds a special place in my heart as this is a tribute to my grandmother, Carol who passed away from cancer almost 4 years ago. It turned out amazing. I will share more about my experience on it in the next blog post, as I feel that it deserves its own post, rather than casually mentioned on this one.



And, we finally have our new addition to our family, Jacob, who is half husky and half pit and is only 8 weeks old! We picked him up today and it has been great to have a dog around the house again, although we miss Mystique terribly, at least we have a puppy to love on.


Well, it is nearing 1130pm and it has felt like a long and exhausting day due to a lot of driving, a lot of rain and chasing a new puppy around. So, I bid you goodnight and I pray that you all have a safe and sound night with sweet dreams.

Xoxox, Cecilia