Stay Positive

Yesterday was a gloomy and freezing day, it even snowed here in Virginia Beach! I am afraid it may be a really cold winter this year. Brrrrr!!! It’s the middle of November already, can you believe it? Its getting closer to me moving! Now that I have found a room to rent, the stress has been lifted! I have been getting rid of furniture left and right. I thought I would feel sad about getting rid of stuff, but it is the complete opposite! I feel as if getting rid of stuff, all the negative energy and pressure is lifted. Something is different about this move and I have moved a lot. Or maybe its just my way of thinking has changed. There has been a lot of growth this year, and I am proud of myself for that.

I feel as if a bit of positive motivation is in order for this beautiful Wednesday, not just for myself but for any of my readers as well. So, if you woke up grumpy this morning, complaining about your life, wishing things were different, remember YOU have the power to change your life. Focus your energy and positive things and the universe will work its magic.









Go out and do what you said you would do yesterday TODAY! Have a great day everyone!