Pen and Paper

I get sudden urges to blog when I am out enjoying life, like when I take the pup for a walk, or when I am drinking coffee at a coffee shop or in an antique store. It’s the small moments when the world gets quiet and I am lost in my own thoughts that I wish I could write out what’s on my mind. Its times like those, is when I actually DON’T have a notebook or a pen and typing it on my iphone just doesn’t share the same appeal as good ol’ pen and paper do.



This week, I did manage to take a break from all the packing and squeezing some drawing in. I logged back into and been working on new designs for contests, and also working on some logos for a few clients. It feels good to be back at my drawing table and letting my creativity flow.

The kids and I visited Santa last weekend, and got our picture taken!


The kids are so excited this year, they want skateboards! How adorable Is that? I miss skateboarding, I used to all the time when I was a teenager, maybe I will get one too so all of us can skateboard together! haha

I did a fun red violet ombre on a client last week that was so fun to do!


She gave me the best compliment:

“I wanted to let you know that i am in love with my hair & so is my husband. Thank you so much once again. As long as you dont, or i dont leave VA , i just made you my hairstylist & will recommend you”

This is the reason why I love what I do, whether its hair, makeup, body paint, artwork, I love creating something that brings happiness and joy to someone’s life. I cannot wait until I have a studio where I can fully express myself and create an environment that people will love to come to.

In other news, Kreative Thinking Apparel, the clothing line I am apart of has been making leaps and bounds and we now have our own printing shop which will help pump out more awesome designs. If you haven’t checked out KT, make sure you click the link and visit us. Even Ed Lover, on his youtube, was rocking our KT custom sweater (that I helped to design!)


Yesterday was a nice day, after the kids and I stopped at the library to pick up a few movies and books, we got a flat tire! Instead of making a big deal about it or getting upset, we pulled over and I took this time to show them how to change a flat tire. This is one skill I am glad that I have, which I learned from the Army, when I had to change tires on Humvees.


The kids were happy to learn and to actually do it. They helped to raise the car with the jack and loosen and tighten the car bolts. It was just too adorable. Afterwards, I treated them to burgers and fries at our favorite place Hwy 55. I love moments like these that my children and I share. I hope that I am leaving good memories for their childhood.

I went out last night with my family to dinner and a comedy show, and it was relaxing to get out and have a night not to worry about anything and just laugh the stress away.

Well, I am going to get back to drawing and relaxing with the kiddos. This is my last weekend here at this house before I move, so off to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!

XOXO, Cecilia