Randomness and Restlessness

I just finished editing the latest youtube video, which is a follow up on my last post of the Eu Natural Vibrance Hair Supplements. Since I had everything ready from my other video, I decided to make a review of it. So you can check those out further down in the post.
It’s Thursday and I have been coming to the library pretty much everyday this week, and I like to think I have been pretty productive. Don’t we all like to think that? haha
I have been drawing and working on createmytattoo.com websites, I don’t want to post the work just yet, because the contests are not over yet. It throws me off because I am so used to posting my art as soon as I am done drawing them.
So here is the first video which I posted earlier this week of a mini shopping haul:
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I got some pretty cool items, which I didn’t take pictures like I usually do, so you’ll just have to watch to see what I got!
Here is the video I just finished and includes the discount code as well!
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I have been swamped trying to organize all my art projects so I stay focused. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with everything I need to do. I am also making sure I keep all my business stuff organized since it’s the beginning of the year. Tax time is right around the corner!!! AHHHHHH!
Do any of you guys have issues organizing your stuff? or keeping focused? Or am I the only one?
Well, I am off to work on drawings! Wish me luck on staying focused!!