Lah Cia Studios in the Making!

Hi my lovelies!!!! It is a beautiful day today, this Friday and as you can tell I am in a glorious mood. As I mentioned in my previous post just briefly, that  my business partner, Lah and I are opening up our own salon art studio. After looking at many different spaces, we finally found on we love. We are signing the lease on Monday and the buildout will start soon after!

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know how I have felt about working in a traditional salon or any traditional job for that matter, and Lah and I have worked so well together that it only made sense to go into it together!

Next week, we will be launching an Indie Gogo campaign to help raise the money needed for our shop, such as supplies, equipment and everything needed to start up. In exchange for donations, there are almost 20 perks you can choose from ranging from $5 to $500. And not to toot our own horns, but they are some amazing and fun perks that even if you are not in the local area, you can still enjoy!

There will be a range of items from stickers, coffee mugs, tshirts and custom artwork and lets not forget services at our new shop!

I am sooooo super excited and I hope you are too because this is just not something for us to enjoy its for anyone to enjoy!

Check out the space, before we put our love and style into it! We cant wait to being it to life!

Ok, folks, I am off to get more things ready, this weekend is busy, in between my brothers concert tonight, a photoshoot tomorrow and facepainting on Sunday, I need to get offline!

See ya soon!