April Showers

Hello my beautiful readers! It’s April, can you believe it? March has gone by so fast and it seemed like everything picked up so fast that I am still catching my breath. I have been doing so much in between drawing, painting, face and body painting and now in the works of opening up a studio, I haven’t had much time to blog. Yesterday I took a day to myself and did nothing but watch redbox movings and lay in bed. Hey, we all need days like that don’t we?
I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been up to.
A couple weeks ago, I took my daughter and brother to go see our brother perform with his band Full Fledge at the Norva here in Norfolk. Can you believe how bog she is getting? I cant believe I get to be her mom. How lucky am I? It was her first concert and she had so much fun because she looks up to her big uncle.
I am so proud of my lil brother and his band to play at The Norva. I know they are gonna do big things!
I also got a chance to facepaint for a SYSCO Event at the Virginia Beach Convention Center for their spring product review. Since my mom is a culinary student, she was also at the event so it was pretty cool to see her there!

I also got to see my friend Mandy who actually I used to work with at Xotic Eyes and she put in the good word for me to become a facepainter with Magical Solutions Inc, which is who I get some of these jobs through. She is a silk aerialist, hoop dancer and flame performer. Oh and did I mention she also does suspensions. I always love seeing her and cant wait to work with her during the summer.
One of the photographers that was there for my brother’s band at the Norva asked me to be the MUA for a last minute photoshoot and of course I’m down to work, especially with friends!
This was a lot of fun to do. I haven’t done beauty photoshoots in a while so it was nice to switch it up from all the other things I am doing. You can check out the photog, Kevin Watkins for his work and contact info! He is very fun and professional to work with, so if you are in the area looking for a photog, I def recommend him!
This past Sunday was a very busy day! And it prolly deserves a full post by itself, but here is a sneak peek which if you follow my Instagram (sweetsurrenderart)  you may have already seen a few images. I will do a proper post on it tomorrow.
I will post more on that tomorrow, so stayed tuned! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I really appreciate all my readers!
XOXOXO, Cecilia