Busy Blogger

Oh my, its been a month since I have last blogged! What kind of blogger am I? A busy one, I guess. I have been super busy the past month since it is now summer time, facepainting has been my main gig lately and getting the studio ready. I have lots of updates to share with you!
We ended our indiegogo project only raising roughly $300 which went towards getting paint and supplies to start the transformation. Every little bit helps and we have been working hard with what we got.

So, its still a working progress as you can see and so far we have had a lot of fun with this. I especially love this faux brick wall, even though it was very tedious and a pain in the butt to tape off and detail, but I think it is so bold and edgy and definitely our style! As time goes on, we will be adding more of the stuff that we want in there, but for now, this will get us going.
We are still on the hunt for some salon sinks and a few other things and then we can do a soft opening. In a few weeks, we hope to do a grand opening and everyone can come out!
We are looking for a few other stylists as well, so if you’re reading this and you’re interested, don’t be afraid to contact me!
On another note, here are some other things that I have been up to.
I did this fun color on one of my new clients, who is a fabulous MUA.
I also received 2 custom orders from my Etsy Shop, which was a nice surprise and had a few other custom orders as well that were local.
For this past Friday the 13th and because it was a full moon, I gave my brother, his girlfriend and myself matching tattoos. This was really fun to do. I picked out the glyph symbol for a full moon, and below it, the mayan symbol for 13.
I just wanted to give a quick lil update on what I have been up to. Once our shop is open, I will be back into a schedule of posting and will of course have more videos up as well.
Thanks for stopping by and will see you in the next post!
Xoxox, Cecilia