August Rush

The summer is nearing the end and we are already in August, can you believe it? We are approaching my favorite time of year: Autumn! September through December is just my favorite time of year. School starts up again, the weather gets cooler, the leaves change and we start layering up our clothes and pulling on the boots. I have been quite busy as you can imagine and I have not been keeping up with my blog, which is almost unheard of if you are an avid reader of mine.
We are still in the process of opening LahCia Studios, which we are planning our Grand Opening really soon. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks. We have our sinks installed and our shop is slowly getting decorated. Here is some photos for you to check out!
You can see we have had a few of our clients in while we are under construction. I have found some cool stuff to decorate and paint, such as my mannequin, some chairs, and other various types of furniture. Y’all know I am a HUGE thrifter, and I found a lot of things thrifting such as this cool tool box that I painted hot pink, my drafting desk, that big mannequin, 2 high back chairs, a handpainted screen divider and so much more I cant remember.
Here are some hair before and afters too of a few appointments:
  I am working on a design to paint our shop windows. This weekend coming up is the tattoo expo, so I am pretty excited about that, although I wish I knew about the body paint contest, because I would’ve entered! Oh well, there is always next year.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your day and the rest of your week!
xoxox, Cecilia