Back Into Blogging

When I started blogging in 2010, I never thought I would have come to enjoy it this much. What started as a way to write down my thoughts, somewhat an online journal of sorts, ended up becoming a creative outlet, a way to express my pent up artistic energy.

2010 when I began this blog

I blogged for years, documenting my journey through college classes, Hair school, body and face painting, photo shoots, video shoots, hair shows, and so many exciting and the not so exciting events. If you look back through the years, you can slowly see how I began to transform, becoming more comfortable in my skin and confident in the things I am passionate about.

It wasn't until last year in August when I decided to delete my blog. I didn't expect to have an email from google telling me I had a significant number of errors because I deleted it. I began to miss it, even though I didn't blog as much as I used to. I went through blogging withdrawals

I don't even know if this gets read at all, and frankly I do not care. I write this for me. My mom thinks I write too much, I get too personal. Maybe she's right. This blog is an extension of me, so of course its personal.

I am not sure I had a purpose in today's blog topic. I guess I just felt like writing. I want to say thank you to any of you who keep up with my blog or who have been on this journey with me, or even if you just stumbled across this blog somehow. I will give a more updated blog post on what I have been up to lately here soon!