Starting an Artist YouTube Channel

Like many other artists, I hoard a ton of half finished sketchbooks and random sketches shoved into books, magazines and who knows where else. It's nice to see the progress from my first tattoo drawing to how I draw now. It really goes to show that practice makes perfect, and as an artist, you never stop learning new techniques.

Rose 2009
Rose 2013

Rose & Mirror 2017

I have converted most of my decent illustrations to an online portfolio, but lately, I have been really wanting to film my artistic process of drawing, coloring, painting and share it with other artists and maybe help someone along their journey of being an artist.

So, here is what I have gathered for my new YouTube adventure. If you are looking to start an Artist YouTube channel, you can use my list as a starting point and adjust as needed.

 Most of which, I gathered over time or already had. If you click on the link or the picture below, it will redirect you to where you can purchase each item.

2 SD Cards
SD Card Adapter
3 Battery Packs w/ charger
Computer (of course)


GoStick Tripod

Other supplies needed- and kind of obvious...a computer, so you can edit and upload your videos. And your art supplies or whatever it is you want to film yourself creating!

I am sure as I start filming, I will make adjustments. I know there are a few things I want to pick up. So, you might wanna add this to your list too!

Desk Microphone (for voiceovers)

Camera Wall Mount.

Desktop Vintage Inspired Microphone

Camera Wall Mount

I have to admit that I didn't like the way my videos looked filming with the GO PRO, but after doing some research on how to edit and fix the settings, I am looking forward to getting back into editing videos. I will post more on how I film my videos if I get a request on my youtube channel.

Thanks for tuning in! See you in the next post!