Timelapse of Watercolor Ribcage

Hi there lovelies! It has been a busy week and a great week at that! I've been at the tattoo shop and have been loving it. Aside from the usual cleaning and setting up, I have started assisting in drawing the line work and making stencils. My mentor has taken on another apprentice and so I've been helping him get the hang of the apprentice duties. lol 

So a couple weeks ago, I started this piece and worked on it as often as I could, I finally finished earlier this week, and I filmed it as a timelapse to show you how I created this! 

I actually just started using watercolors for painting on watercolor paper. As weird as this may sound since I do a ton of face and body painting (and technically that is waterbased lol) but I do not paint alot as far as canvases. I want to change that. I have painted some pieces using acrylics, but have a hard time blending and creating the effects I want. As I have mentioned in previous posts and videos, I do plan on exploring oils. So, far I have two canvases prepped to start two pet portraits. 

This video took me two days to edit! My computer has been really slow, and the video is pretty basic. I had no time to film an intro or outro-so bear with me! Here is the link below if you want to check it out! I hope you enjoy it!