Tattoo Apprenticeship Progress and EXPO

Hi there lovelies! It has been a busy and amazing week so far at the shop. I am learning so much and it makes me so happy to pursuing something I love so much. 

I watched my mentor do several black and gray pieces which was great because for some reason black and gray tattoos kind of intimidating because I am still learning to shade and blend while tattooing. After watching him do so many amazing pieces, I feel more comfortable and I cannot wait until I can tattoo and put what I am learning to use. 

I managed to make a quick update video on my youtube channel, so check it out and I share an embarrassing but very funny thing that I did at the shop. 

In two weeks, The Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival will be going down and I will be there with a couple of the artists to help with whatever they need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly. I have been to several expos in this area but not on the artist side, so I am looking forward to the experience.

If you can to know more specifics on the Festival, you can check out their website here. 

If your'e from the 757 area, or will be attending, hope to see ya there!

xoxo, Cecilia