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Spring Must Haves

I have my own personal style, then again everyone says they have their own style. I really don’t get to shop for clothes nearly as much as I want to. Back when I was in the military and a size 0, I shopped way too much lol. I shop more creatively now, only buying key pieces that I know I would wear over and over and I shop more at thrift shops than designer shops. I don’t care for name brands too much, unless I obsess over and over it until I finally give in.

So, here a few things I have my eye on for the Spring this year, starting with these Boots:


I know I should be all about flats, wedges and heels for spring and summer- but I am much more of a boots/sneakers type of girl for my everyday wear-unless it’s a special occasion.


I have always been one to alter clothes I have and make new clothes out of them ever since I was a teenager. Here are some ideas I want to try out for Spring and Summer this year:





I love some of these pieces below too. A mixture of color in there too. I am actually in love with the pastel colors this year.







I cannot forget the crazy accessories!



Other Must have’s that have nothing to do with fashion- are a few things I am lusting for business wise or art wise:

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A camera tripod with the circle light to help with my blogging and vlogging!I also need a new camera- I dropped mine last summer so I have just been using my bloggie camera which is ok, but I miss having a flash to take good pictures.



I am in love with these hand painted skulls by 337 Design!

There are a ton of other things I could bore you with what I want- because lets face it, I want everything. lol

So, what are some of your Spring wants/must haves?

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