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Bad Fish

My lil brother Jeffrey stopped to listen to a girl and her guitar jamming with a guy and a saxaphone, they asked him to here he is, I just so happened to have a video camera handy...imagine that!

Do what you love and the money will follow.

I love my brothers!

Lucas and I at his birthday party

Jeffrey and I with our scary faces lol

My brothers and I are ALL 9 years apart. Crazy huh? I guess my mom wanted to make sure she always spaced us out and one of us could watch the other. hahaha well, thats our theory on  it. I am the oldest at 27 years of age, followed by Jeffrey who is 18 and then Lucas who just turned 10 a few days ago. We are all goofy, crazy, a lil sensitive, creative and we are all cheesy and love to be on camera. So here is a lil clip of us. Hope you enjoy!

I don't have any sisters, but I am pretty close with my brothers and that might be because I am a tomboy and I goof around and play video games and wrestle around. Even though were all far apart, and I didnt get to spend alot of time with them the past 10 years, because I left to go to the army and then I was moving around a ka-jillion times!

But i love these guys and I am proud to be their big sister.

Do what you love and the money will follow.