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Paper Dresses

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while, but I just haven't had the chance to, but I wanted to share something I think is super cool and something that fuses art and fashion into one. My sister, Dominique and her very talented friends got together and created a paper dress for a fashion show being held in Denver.

An article was posted here, showcasing the event.

Our friend, Aimee doing the models makeup before showtime!

That's my sis above on the left with her friend, Aurora

I am so proud of all of them, for doing an amazing job. Even though they did not win any awards, they spent countless hours creating a masterpiece and was able to partake in an event that I am sure they will not forget. I have always loved working fashion shows and performances and I am glad that she got to have a small taste of all the creative outlets that her and her friends can participate in.

I just wanted to share this with fellow creative people who may enjoy this!

Thanks for reading and stopping by! I hope you have been inspired!