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April Showers


How was everyone’s Easter Weekend? Ours was pretty good, we did have some rain here and there and it was a lil chilly, but we made it through! The kids, hubby and bro visited my Dad where he spoiled the kiddos with candy and baskets, then we had a lil bbq that we always go to with family and friends. We went for a lil walk and the kiddos picked flowers for us!




I pretty much took a Spring Break Vacay from my blog while Nique was here in town. Plus, I had worked on a play the later part of the week, so I was exhausted from that as well. (pics to come soon!)

Nique went back to Colorado and I miss her so much. It’s crazy that 2 years had already passed since her last visit in 2011. We finally got our sister tattoos which I already posted last post. She also wanted to get her hair done, so of course I had to hook up my sis!

















It’s Monday and it’s April already! The kiddos are on spring break and luckily the weather is nice enough so they can run around outside while I attempt to get some work done. I’m trying to wake up a bit by drinking some coffee. I am also re-doing the Pink in my hair since it fades. (That’s the downfall to having bright colors).

Nique and I managed to do some thrift store shopping and regular shopping in the mall too.


Nique had bought me the cute wallet above “Keep Calm and Dream On”- I love anything Galaxy print and of course anything to do with Dreams. We were out and went to Tillys (one of my fav stores) and came across these tan boots with the floral print inside that fold down! I had to snatch them up! They were $40- which is a lot for me to spend, but I know I will wear these all the time!

Charlotte Russe was having a sale on their jewelry Buy one Get one 50% off, so I scooped up some rose studs and these silver feather earrings which I gave one to Nique so we each have a feather!


This is my planner! (Bought at Target) and I always like to put stickers on my planners and these girl stickers by Fatal which are my favs as well!


I scored this cute 80’s boombox bag (with working speakers) at the thrift shop for $4! I have been rockin’ this baby all week! I just love it!

Alright, now that I am done blogging for the day, I am off to jump in the shower and then get some work done!


Easter Weekend

The kids and I started our Easter celebration on Saturday by going to MT Trashmore for a bit to run around and stretch our winter legs. The sun was out, it was a lil breezy but nothing that a sweatshirt couldn't fix. We ran up and down the mountain and watched all the kites soar higher and higher into the sky until they were small specs in the distance. It was really relaxing.

We stopped by 7-11 and got good ol' slurpees! I really wanted the Banana flavor, but it wasnt quite ready, so we all settled for Peach Mango Fanta mixed with a bit of Wild Cherry Fanta. It was a delish lil combo even though I stopped drinking them because they just taste weird or toooooo sweet. It wasnt too bad this time around.

Arabella took this photo of me. I love how blue the sky looks. Not a cloud in the sky!

We made our way to HUNT CLUB Farm, which is a local spot near where we live that does holiday events. They are really famous for their Halloween activities! They had easter egg hunts, sac races, bounce houses and inflatible play area, a playground, petting zoos, a live dj and some local food. Oh, and let me not forget the hayride that takes us around the whole property!

love birds

on the hayride getting candy wasted!

Hubby was at work, so we had to go without him, but when he got off work, we made some brownies and colored a dozen easter eggs.  I must say its been an eventful day. I didnt get to go to Home depot to get the rest of the plywood I need to finish my project, but I think I will go today. I saw that they are open!

Here is what I have so far on the first panel..sneak peek!

How did you spend your Easter Weekend? I would love to hear your story! :) Happy Easter and I hope you and your family are blessed!

"And he departed from our sight that we might return to our heart, and there find Him. For He departed, and behold, He is here." St Augustine