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Bring in the New Year

Happy New Year in 2012! I hope you all have brought in the new year with loved ones and friends.

My new years eve was a lil hectic, I was trying to finish up two sewing projects since my sewing machines were all broke! I have 3 sewing machines, and all 3 are broken. Like, really???? So, that set me back on alot of time and it really hurt me in the end. I was really frustrated with the pattern I chose for this dress and then having to add a liner was a pain. It ended up being too big for the client. UGHHH!!!

I will blog about this project later.... for those other sewing enthusiasts.

But to go back to My New Years, hubby and I rang in the New Year together with a few good friends.

My husband and I have spent many New Years Eve's alone or in tough times together and before we met. Last year we hung out with friends and had a good time, but this year, it was just amazing to see how far we have come in the past 3 years. Every year, it just seems to get better and better.

This New Years, Jermie and I really didnt make a resolution for ourselves. I dont know why we didnt, it just didnt feel right that we should. I am always setting goals and planning out things. I dont know where 2012 will take us. 2011 went by so fast. I met my New Years Resolution of 2011, and that was graduating from Paul Mitchell. This year, I want to save up for a house or a down payment on a house and to get my Business off and running. Jermie wants to get started in Automotive training.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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