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Today, at Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell, our school welcomed a new CORE class to our family. There were a lot of people this class, where only 12 to 15 students were in the last core class. Every time a new Core class starts, we have Pancake Day, where we get treated to pancakes, bacon and good ol' O.J.

With October approaching with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we got together today this morning to decorate bra's to auction off next month. 

Carole and I using decorations as antlers or antennas lol

Jackie hard at work on her teams bra design

Needles and thread were brought out to help create masterpieces of Bra's

Creativity shined in forms of feathers, sequins and glitter!

Our school is going to participating in the Race for a Cure event in Virginia Beach on October 15th at the oceanfront for the Susan B. Komen Foundation. We are all going to go down there and show our support for those affected by breast cancer.

For more information: see Susan B. Komen website

I am thinking about designing a tshirt for the students to wear (or at least my core class to wear) to help support this walk/run event we are going to. We have the option to wear our black and white tshirts of RKA/ Paul Mitchell but I wanna make something different to celebrate this occasion. I am not gonna do anything too extravagent, but I think something in pink with black or white with pink and a simple design will be nice to wear with a motivational quote.

I mentioned that I will be doing a giveaway soon in a recent post, so for those curious ones, I am going to launch a giveaway this sunday, (possibly saturday night if I can get the time)

I am so excited to be hosting this giveaway, so for those of you who are crafty, love designing, or putting together scrapbooks, or photo albums, you are gonna LOVE this giveaway! So keep your eyes open this weekend!

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