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Wireless Finally!

I just got done doing a workout I found online via Pintrest of course. I finally decided to get off my ass and exercise. I shouldve done this months ago, but with the pregnancy, then the miscarriage, then surgery and moving and well, LIFE got in the way. But its better now than never.

My husband walked in after my workout, as he walked up the stairs I did my best fitness poses in  my lil booty shorts and sports bra. He couldnt help but bust out in giggles as I did a belly dance. hahaha.

I am making a promise to myself to do this everyday and stick to it. Also, trying to eat healthier and in smaller portions. I'm not going complete health but, but I am getting there.

I finally bought a wireless router. I have been without one since we moved in our new place and it was just difficult for everyone to do what they all wanna do online, from reading books online, blogging, youtube, netflix and playing video games online. I got  this one from Kmart on sale for $29.99

It was the cheapest one I could find even though Jermie wanted to get a more expensive one. I am all about saving some money! I got it all set up in 5 minutes, it was super easy. I made sure everything was secure and I was off surfing the net. If you are looking for one on a budget, I would recommend this one.

It's midnight and I need to get off to bed, Jermie has to work super early in the morning.  Nighty night!

butt crunches and situps,