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Destiny and Fate

I am one of those crazies who believe in destiny, fate and karma.  I don't believe in coincidences or that things just happen. Take for instance the path we are all on. Sometimes you feel like your not centered. We all feel like this sometimes. I've been reading the Celestine Prophecy again, and this book has alot about this subject, but I have always been into that type of stuff, but regardless of me reading this book, I take notice of my environment and how things pan out. Check out that book for a good good read!

Do you ever feel like you are meant to do something else with your life or be someone else? I have felt like this for years when I was in the military or working as a contractor, or some other job, I always felt like I was wasting my talent of being an artist. Do you ever feel that way?

I felt that way up until about 2 years ago, when I moved back to Virginia from Colorado. I stopped making excuses as to why I couldnt go back to school, or why I couldnt do something I loved. I immediately went back to school, switched majors and ended up in beauty school instead, something I really wasnt interested in doing. That turned out to be the best thing  I ever did, because it led me to bigger things. I'm not completely where I want to be, but I am moving towards it. Every thing that happens, every person you meet, is just one step closer to where you are supposed to be.

Whatever youre dealing with, or you feel like you are not on the right path, I want to tell you that youre not alone in feeling this way. Dont wait for things to change-be the change! I wanted to share some inspirational quotes I found of course via Pintrest. I am a strong believer of taking charge of your own destiny and going for your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for?