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Geeky Computer Gadgets

As I am making plans to turn my dining room into my studio along with trying to revamp my blog and make a new website, there are just a few things I have been scouring the internet for. Since I am going to be working on my computer overtime on my graphic design skills, I need a few gadgets to back my work up so I don’t use too much space on my laptop. I started looking online for external hard drives and check out what I found.
For you 80’s and 90’s babies babies, you may get a lil geeked out excited over these, well, at least I did!
This led me to looking for speakers…because my poor laptop speakers are nothing worthy to brag about. When I am drawing, I like to crank the music up and jam. Speakers and headphones are essential!!
Both speakers are from
( these above would work nicely too for my work out post from yesterday! )
These are solar powered and blue tooth wireless!
These are just cool and awesome and look more interesting. In some ways, nobody will even think what they are so it would be a disguise such as the external harddrives, the only thing you have to be careful of is that your kids might mistake them for toys!
Thanks for stopping by and see ya again soon!
xoxo Cecilia